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Advice from a Florist on Loving Your Wedding Flowers!

Your wedding flowers are the perfect way to infuse personality, style, and gorgeous color and texture into your wedding day. I love the personalized touch that each of my couples infuses into their floral arrangements, from the brides bouquet to the ceremony flowers your imagination is the limit.
There is so much to think about when selecting your flowers, I hope that providing you with words of wisdom from some of the most talented florists in the area will help you on your journey to truly loving your wedding flowers! This blog post features words of wisdom from Leah and Pam of Black Sheep Gardens. Make sure to check out Chelsea and Sean’s Lake Placid Wedding to see some beautiful wedding floral design by Black Sheep Gardens. Stay tuned for more blog posts with tips and advice for planning your big day!
Owners and Designers: Leah McDaniel and Pam Miller
Business Name: Black Sheep Gardens
Location: Plattsburgh, New York
How would you describe your floral design style?
Natural and Whimsical
How do you become inspired when designing floral arrangements? 
It begins with the clients, their story, personality, venue, time of year, favorite flower, so many different factors that go into it.  Then once we have a general vibe from the clients, a theme if there is one, and color pallet,  we let the flowers speak for themselves.
What do you recommend couples do to maximize their floral budget?
Prioritize.  If your ceremony flowers are more important than the reception focus on that, or vise versa.  If both are equally important, focus on individual pieces that can really make a statement (and will be in your wedding photos) like your Bridal Bouquet, or a larger arbor/altar piece instead of 10 small pew decorations.  Also re-purposing items from the ceremony to the reception is always a plus!
What is something you wished couples knew when planning their wedding flowers? 
We don’t mind when couples come to us not knowing exactly what they want, or even what types of flowers are out there – that is what we are here for, to help make a vision or a photo you have come to life.  Flowers in general are usually a bit more expensive than some people may expect.  Just like any other professional, there is a lot that goes into our work to make it look just right for your wedding day, it’s not as easy as going out to a field and throwing a bunch of flowers together.
Do you have a favorite flower? 
I don’t!  I tend to gravitate towards the smaller accent flowers that can change a floral arrangement from ordinary to exceptional.  I do however still love to work with dahlias, peonies, roses (there are SO MANY different kinds and colors people aren’t usually aware of), etc.
Anything else you would like to add? 
In my experience, wedding vendors are exceptional people who put their heart and soul into their work to ensure the Bride and Groom have the wedding of their dreams.  Pick the vendors that you click with and are good with communication.  You are going to be working with these people in most cases for the next year, you want to be sure it’s the vendor you want, but also put your trust into them, your wedding planning process will be so much more enjoyable!
Thank you Leah and Pam for providing such great tips! I love that brides can find creative ways to re purpose ceremony flowers into their reception decor. Stay tuned to hear more get words of advice some of the area’s best wedding professionals!
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