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There is one piece of advice that I can give for planning a wedding: look beyond the day of your wedding and consider the memories that will last a lifetime. All of the planning you do for the day of your wedding is going to ensure that it will be amazing and full of emotion. The days, weeks, months and years that follow are grounded in  your commitment to each other through the good and bad. It is in the moments of struggle that something as simple as your wedding album can be the reminder you need of the joy surrounding your commitment to one another and the love share, even when the toothpaste cap didn’t get put back on the tub for the 3 day in a row ; ) It is physical reminder of the vows you have made and the promise to support one another.

I encourage all of my couples to invest in a beautiful heirloom wedding album. It is a wedding gift that my couples have given to themselves and have never regretted afterwards.

The philosophy and mindset that I try to instill in every aspect of Julia Rebecca Photography is to keep things simple, beautiful and of the highest quality. RedTree Albums fit all of my criteria and more. They create handmade fine art quality Albums and Folios that are made with luxuriuous materials and archival quality papers. The weight of these albums is really what blew me away when deciding on them for my album company. When you take your album out of the box for the first time you will know it is something special just by the weight and feel of the album in your hand.

With a background as a professional graphic designer I take great care in designing each custom album I create.  I take the time to layout each spread and photograph of your choosing so that your album tells the story of your wedding in the most beautiful way possible.  After your photographs have been delivered you will choose the images to be included in your album and will also have the opportunity to review the album before it is sent to be printed.

Another aspect of RedTree Albums, that I love, is that they do an amazing job of curating their cover material choices. Having a selection of beautiful options without it being overwhelming for my couples is so important. You don’t have the time to waste looking at 100 bad cover options before you get to the 10 beautiful ones. In addition to the cover material, the embossing of your album completes the customization.  My clients wedding album is one investment that my couples have never regretted. I hope that you will consider printing an album and I can’t wait to design it for you.



Mini albums are scaled down replicas* of you album. RedTree Albums recycles the materials from your flush mount album to create the mini album. It is a perfect gift for parent’s or another family member.
RedTree Albums are made with lustre or semi-matt print finishes and have a lay-flat binding


If you prefer color instead of leather, premium linens and Japanese Silks are a beautiful cover option for any album.
I believe with my whole heart that you should have a beautiful heirloom piece to enjoy after your wedding day. The Matted Folios made my RedTree are just as beautifully made as their albums and are the perfect way to cherish your favorite photographs.

I can’t wait to talk more about your wedding day and designing the perfect Album for you. In addition to flush mount albums, I also offer RedTree Matted Folio Albums, Hard Cover Books and Matted Folios.  If you would like to see the Album cover options please follow this LINK.

Thank you to RedTree Albums for providing some of the images included in this blog post. 

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